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All images are offered framed or unframed in sizes

8” x 12”, 11” x 17”, 16” x 24”, 20” x30”, 24"x36",

and 30"x45".  Other sizes available on request.  

All images are offered as either high-quality photographic prints or Iris prints. Other printing methods, including ultra-durable pigment prints on canvas, are available on request.  

The high-quality, archival photographic prints are made using lasers to make the exposure on glossy or matte photographic papers.

Iris prints are digital prints in which microscopic ink droplets are sprayed onto watercolor papers to lend a particularly color-saturated and "painterly" quality to the images. These archival, signed, limited edition prints are among the highest quality prints available.

Both the photographic prints and Iris prints are made from scans of 35mm slides or from original digital camera files. None of the images is digitally altered.

To inquire about prices, make a purchase, or for information on other printing methods and sizes, please contact the photographer. Special prices are available for institutions, and discounted prices are available for multiple purchases.

Purchase Books
The Good House Book: A Common-Sense Guide to Alternative Homebuilding

and Building Green

The Good House BookThe companion books, Building Green, and, The Good House Book: A Common-Sense Guide to Alternative Homebuilding, feature more than 100 of Don's images from around the world, most of them architectural. The books, written by Clarke Snell, are published by Lark Books, a division of Sterling Publishing Company. You can find descriptions of the books at Lark's website (Good House and Building Green ). The books can be purchased at Amazon ( Good House and Building Green).

Exhibits and Slide Presentations
Exhibits and slide presentations can be scheduled by contacting the photographer:

Don Gurewitz

105 Harnden Ave.

Watertown, Ma 02472
(617) 393-3903

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